40 Reasons Why 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' Still Cracks You Up 10 Years Later

Two words: Egg. Salad.

Ten years ago, the world met Andy Stitzer, an accomplished tuba player, video game master, action figure collector, figurine painter, egg salad aficionado, and virgin.

That's right: "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" turns 10 years old today. Feeling a little old? You're not alone. Let's work through our issues together by celebrating 40 things we still love about Judd Apatow's directorial debut, all these years later:

  1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apatow

    The comedian's directorial debut marked the beginning of a modern comedy age that's brought us movies like "Superbad," "Bridesmaids" and more, not to mention Apatow's own directorial efforts like "Knocked Up" and "Trainwreck."

  2. Steve Carell Becomes A Leading Man

    With Andy Stitzer, Carell found his first major non-TV role, and has been doing amazing (and absurd) things ever since.

  3. Seth Rogen's Coming Out Party

    All it took was one awful story about a Mexican horse.

  4. Everything Romany Malco

    He's insecure! Can't you tell?

  5. Paul Rudd Rules

    Did you hear he's celibate now?

  6. The Throne of Games

    "Get some road burn! Come on, suckaaaaa!"

  7. Tough Love

    It's all over this movie.

  8. Hell is an Endless Michael McDonald Loop

    "I would rather listen to Fran Drescher for eight hours than have to listen to Michael McDonald."

  9. Andy's Awesome Action Figure Collection

    "He sold his old toys over half a million dollars! We gotta get some f—ing toys!"

  10. Andy's Egg Salad sounds pretty good!

    Cool Hand Luke approved.

  11. Karaoke Night

    "Now pretty ladies, around the world, got a WEIRD thing to show ya—"

  12. Jane Lynch Looms Large

    "You ever heard the term f--- buddy?"

  13. Smart Tech Poker Night

    An epic event that gives us so much gold, including three little words…

  14. "BAGS OF SAND???"

    Close enough, Andy.

  15. Seriously, Michael McDonald is Hell.

    Fair enough.

  16. The Fleshy Patch

    You know what that is.

  17. Catherine Keener Is A Hot Grandma

    But her phone call etiquette needs some work.

  18. The Kat Dennings Debut

    She's a long way from "Meow-Meow," but she'll get there. Speaking of Thor…

  19. "Do you want me to dress up like Thor???"

    "I'll dress up like Thor!!!"

  20. Take it to the Elizabeth Banks

    "I wanna shave your head."

  21. Andy's Pick-Up Lines

    They are absurd. For example…

  22. "We have a great section of do-it-yourself…"

    "Do you like to… do it yourself?"

  23. "Uh, sometimes, if the mood strikes?"

    "How is the mood striking you now?" The worst.

  24. Kevin Hart v Romany Malco

    It's real.

  25. "Life is about people. It's about connections."

    Beautiful thoughts from Mooj … right before he starts saying all the wrong things.

  26. "Get your freak on."

    The scariest Missy Elliott music video of all time.

  27. The "Survivor" Shout-Out

    Two different shout-outs, I'll add! AND it's not even dated, because the show is STILL on and STILL awesome! Take that, "Survivor" haters!



  29. "You know how I know you're…"

    You know what, never mind. This gag does not hold up well.

  30. Andy gets waxed.

    "This is not a good look for me."

  31. The guys wax on.

    Yeah, this is how I would react, too.

  32. "How many pots have you smoken???"

    Andy Stitzer is an easy drunk.

  33. The Baby Genius Reference

    When Andy sees Jay's girlfriend's ultrasound, he asks, "Is this the movie about babies that are geniuses?" And I die, because one of the quickest ways to my heart is a good, unexpected "Baby Genius" reference.

  34. Jonah Hill Loves Shoes

    Don't ask why.

  35. Life Lessons Learned At The Health Clinic

    Mostly because that little idiot Seth is the best/worst.

  36. The Billboard Battle

    "There were two sides to that billboard, and they both hurt equally!"

  37. Andy's Confession

    "I'm a virgin. I always have been."

  38. The Best Minute Of Andy Stitzer's Life

    Let's try that again.

  39. The Age of Aquarius

    Harmony and understanding!

  40. "All right, that's enough. Party's over."

    "Let the virgin get back to work."