Matthew Koma Is 'So F--kin' Romantic' -- Here's Proof

He's basically the perfect man.

By Kat Boehrer

Have you heard of Matthew Koma? We bet you have. He’s worked on so many smash-hit EDM tracks, you might not even realize how much you listen to his music.

The man of many talents has recently signed with RCA records and put out his debut single on the label, “So F--kin’ Romantic.”

And the man is, in fact, “So F--kin’ Romantic"! If you didn’t realize how much you already love him, we have a few points that’ll send you head over heels.

How do we love Matthew Koma? Let us count the ways:

  1. He once took a 15-hour flight from Europe back to the U.S. to take a girl on a date -- and then flew back to Europe to finish up his tour. He is as sweet as these candies.
  2. He once rented out a roller-skating rink for a date, soundtracked the night with Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys, and bought his love interest friendship bracelets and tootsie rolls with arcade game tickets he won. (The candies are above.)
    Matthew Koma
  3. He’ll make Easter peep sushi treats for his beloved.
  4. He wrote “Clarity,” with Zedd and Foxes. You know, “Clarity"? The smash-hit single that you will actually not be able to get out of your head if you hear it?
  5. Oh yeah, he’s also been featured on a handful of uber-popular EDM songs with Tiesto, Alesso, Hardwell, Zedd and Giorgio Moroder (among others!) -- maybe you’ve heard them.
  6. He does yoga five days a week and scuba dives for sport... so he can hold his breath...
  7. He goes home monthly to take his Grandma Roz on dates. The last date night included dinner and the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett show.
  8. He loves his mom.
  9. He can pull off a onesie and looks absolutely snuggly when he’s wearing one.
  10. And he’s just “So F--kin’ Romantic,” duh!