'American Horror Story: Hotel' Won't Welcome Back At Least One Male Hottie

No more murder for this guy, thanks.

Fans of "American Horror Story" have noticed a pretty peculiar casting trend for this season's story, "Hotel" -- namely that there are a lot of handsome, dark-haired men rounding out the cast.

That, combined with showrunner Ryan Murphy's insistence at the show's recent Comic-Con panel that we'll see characters from past seasons check into the hotel, had us wondering -- will former "AHS" darling Zachary Quinto ever make a return to the show?

Unfortunately, that's not looking likely anytime soon. Sadface.

While promoting his new film "Hitman: Agent 47," Quinto told MTV News that he isn't planning to come back to the hit FX series any time soon, because he's simply just too busy.

"I haven’t heard from Ryan in a long time. I hope he’s doing well," he admitted. "I’m certainly happy for his continued success with that franchise and with 'American Crime Story,' which seems like it’s going to be very cool. I haven’t had any conversations about going back to 'American Horror Story' and I’m focused on a lot of other things right now, so I think the timing probably wouldn’t work out at this point."

Quinto appeared in the first two seasons of the show, in "American Horror Story: Murder House" as Chad Wardwick and in "Asylum" as the serial killer Dr. Thredson; the latter role earning him a Critics Choice award and an Emmy nomination. However, these days he has his plate full, especially with "Star Trek Beyond" currently filming.

But that doesn't mean Quinto's totally done with the "AHS" as a fan. "I’m excited to see it," he added. "It looks pretty cool, this season."

"Hitman: Agent 47" hits theaters August 21.