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Here’s Who Diplo And Skrillex Will Be Working With On Their Next Collab

It can't possibly be better than Bieber -- OR CAN IT?

Back in July, the production dream-team of Diplo and Skrillex -- the pair behind the best pop song of 2015 so far, "Where Are U Now" -- spent some time in the studio with Win Butler and Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire.

By all accounts, the four assembled just for fun and had a little jam sesh at the band's Sonovox Studio. One of them (presumably Diplo) played a steel drum, and Skrillex went HAM on the xylophone (or vibraphone?) while Win and Régine synthed out on the keys. It looked like a ton of fun.

But a tweet from Win shortly after the powwow squashed any rumors that this music would surface as anything polished in the future.

We were seriously bummed about that, especially given the excellent year Jack Ü has been having -- and given that it's been nearly two years since Arcade Fire dropped Reflektor into our lives.

BUT THEN! Dip and Skrill (cool if I call you guys that?) popped up on "Charlie Rose" late last week, and Dip mentioned the session in a way that seemed a bit more like they had some bigger plans for the material it spawned.

"We were recently on tour together in Canada. We went to Montreal. We had a day off with Arcade Fire -- have you heard of that band? And a friend of mine was there, and we just said, 'Hey, let's go meet up with you guys.' Went to his garage and just literally played for 20 minutes, just everybody on an instrument. I got the files from them and I edited down these loops, you know, in little pieces, and I'm gonna probably go back to Montreal with the lead singer, Win, and maybe [Skrillex] and record the vocals on it," Diplo (aka Wesley Pentz) told Charlie.

"With Arcade Fire, we just jammed on live instruments for like 45 minutes and probably made an album worth of material and then cut it down to some parts we're gonna later finish," Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) added.

Just think: Right now, there's an entire, full-length LP of new music just waiting to be reordered, remixed and overdubbed by this supersquad.

When will we hear it? As long as the answer is "soon," we'll be OK. We think.