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The Kelso/Jackie 'Ship Is Now Officially Eric Forman-Approved

Topher Grace says yes to this wonderful union.

By Monique Steele

OK, first we were super thrilled that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis -- Kelso and Jackie -- are married with a baby because hey, our ship is canon and real and sailing off into the distance.

Really the only thing that could sweeten the pot on this deal is knowing how much the other “That '70s Show” cast members feel about this relationship, so thank you Topher Grace for blessing us early this year with exactly what we wanted to hear

We’ll try to play it cool, but you know how these things go.

In a chat with E! News, Grace expressed how happy he was for the two saying: “It’s like two of your friends from high school got together after high school and had a baby.” Yeah, we feel you, Eric!

But seriously, how could you not believe in that pairing? With classic Jackie and Kelso moments like these, it’s no wonder Eric ships them just as hard as we do.

Like when Jackie was Kelso’s undeniable first choice!

And when they were comfortable just being themselves around each other.

Whenever they tried to bask in each other’s cuteness.

When no one could stand in the way of their love.

When Kelso said these fateful words...

...and Jackie responded with a resounding, “Well, yeah.”

When their relationship caused everyone to thirst...hard.

But mostly whenever they were totally on the same page.

Any way you spin it, the Kelso and Jackie 'ship is going strong and more than a little bit Eric-approved.