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11 Bands Named After Pop Culture References We Love

Now you'll DEFINITELY win at trivia night.

By Monique Steele

There’s a new band in town, and they’re here to blow our minds with some Heavy Nedal. Yup, you got that right -- Nedal. The Arizona-based music group Okilly Dokilly has found inspiration in an unlikely character: Ned Flanders, the sweater-loving, church-going, all-around good guy from "The Simpsons." But Okilly Dokilly isn't the first group of music lovers to find their naming inspiration in pop culture. Here are a few of our favorite bands that you may not have realized are named after iconic moments and characters in pop culture history.

  1. What It's A Reference To: "The Simpsons"

    In their early days, Fall Out Boy polled the crowd at a Chicago concert asking for name suggestions, one fan yelled out “Fallout Boy!" The name stuck, and the rest is history.

  2. What It's A Reference To: "Shaolin And Wu Tang"

    According to Ol’ Dirty Bastard and RZA, the group adopted the name after watching the kung fu film "Shaolin And Wu Tang." They even use samples of the English dub on a couple of Wu-Tang tracks.

  3. What It's A Reference To: "She-Ra"

    This electronic music duo supposedly derived their name from the home of '80s cartoon, and sister to He-Man, She-Ra herself. "The fate of the world is safe in Crystal Castles," as the cartoon's saying goes.

  4. What It's A Reference To: "Wonder Showzen"

    When questioned about the name in an interview, Das Racist member Himanshu Suri said it was a reference to "Wonder Showzen," the public-access parody show that ran from 2005-06.

  5. What It's A Reference To: "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone"

    With the start of the “wizard rock” genre, Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls found their niche, naming the group after the memory aid used by Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" gang’s first year at Hogwarts.

  6. What It's A Reference To: "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"

    Who could forget the infamously petulant and notoriously spoiled Veruca Salt from "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"? Clearly not this alternative rock group from the '90s, seeing as they decided to name their group after her. But let’s be honest: If you’re gonna be inspired to throw a punk-rock level tantrum, Veruca Salt is the way to go!

  7. What It's A Reference To: "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off"

    Need we say more? Save Ferris got their name from the classic movie moment in which teens rally around the notorious ditcher of schools, Ferris Bueller himself. Also, the band is responsible for giving us a ska remix on one of the greatest dance numbers ever, “Come On Eileen.”

  8. What It's A Reference To: "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back"

    This Californian pop-punk group went for the classic Princess Leia insult when deciding what to name their band. Letting everyone know the kind of “geek-rock” humorous and often times pop-culture referential lyrics to expect with them. They’re also the geniuses behind the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” theme song, so clearly we as a culture owe them a good deal.

  9. What It's A Reference To: "Barbarella"

    At some point in your life, you’ve probably stumbled across one Duran Duran song or the other, but you might not have realized that the name didn’t just come about because the band members enjoyed saying the same word twice. The 1980s pop-rock group named themselves after Dr. Durand Durand in the cult classic film “Barbarella.”

  10. What It's A Reference To: "Gremlins"

    Named after the Furby look-alike creatures from "Gremlins," Mogwai claims they never meant to keep the name for so long. What started as a placeholder name eventually stuck -- but hey, at least the band won’t turn evil if fed after least we don’t think they will.

  11. What It's Reference To: "The Goonies"

    The Fratellis take their name from yet another '80s cult classic film, “The Goonies.” The Fratellis were the evil, money-counterfeiting family who, in the film, were very adept at prison breaks. The Fratellis, as a band, however, are less inclined to breaking people out of prison and more into getting Top 10 hit singles.