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6 Dope Items You Can Get From Dave Coulier's 'Full House' Swag Shop

Mr. Woodchuck, is that you?

With "Fuller House" coming up, it's time to start getting ready for the premiere now. Luckily, Dave Coulier (aka Joey Gladstone) has got you covered.

His swag shop has T-shirts, hats and gladstones. (Yes, really!) Plus, he has a great model for his content: his gorgeous wife Melissa. She recently uploaded this pic to Instagram with the caption, "Repurposed my @cutitoutwear tee into a tank! 💛 #itshotoutside #isthatmadeofwood."

Here are some of the items you can get and wear whenever "Fuller House" premieres on Netflix.

  1. This shirt that keeps it real AF
  2. This shirt that lets the guy trying to hit on you at a party know he's got zero chance

    Also comes in turquoise and black, for males and females.

  3. This hat that will hopefully get the point across to that dude at the party if the shirt doesn't
  4. This Mr. Woodchuck shirt you didn't know you needed

    Side note: RIP MR. WOODCHUCK.

  5. Or this one
  6. These gladstones, because why the heck not

    Joey Gladstone himself will draw and autograph them before shipping them out.

For more awesome items, check out Dave Coulier's store here!