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Kevin Spacey Did A Duet With Billy Joel, Because Of Course He Would

"This is why you're Kevin Spacey."

Yesterday (August 14), Kevin Spacey stopped by "The Tonight Show" to remind the world he was still THE man. Apparently, Spacey learned to play the harmonica so he could do a duet with Billy Joel.

After "opening for Billy Joel" at record producer Phil Ramone's funeral, Spacey was later asked if he wanted to sing at the awards ceremony for Joel, who was receiving the Gershwin Prize from the Library of Congress.

Spacey was honored, and when asked what song he'd like to perform, he said "Piano Man" by Billy Joel. Of course, that was one of the songs Joel planned to sing himself at the ceremony, but because Spacey is gutsy AF, he proposed this offer:

And because Spacey "wasn't done," he later asked if he could do the famous harmonica part of "Piano Man." When he found out he could, Spacey practiced for a month, saying he "drove everyone on the "House of Cards" set crazy," practicing the harmonica in between takes.

After sharing his story, Jimmy Fallon pulls out a harmonica he "found in the parking lot," and asks Spacey to play a little. And because he's Kevin freakin' Spacey, he does — and knocks it outta the park.

Watch the full clip below.