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Austin Mahone And Becky G Are Over, But We’ll Always Remember These Cute Moments

Let's take a trip down Beckstin memory lane...

After several months of dating, Austin Mahone and Becky G have called it quits. As we previously reported, Austin confirmed the breakup in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” citing conflicting schedules as the reason for their split, and insisting he and Becky remain “close friends.”

The young couple have been close since 2013, when they collaborated on the song “Magik 2.0” and hit the road together for MTV’s Artist To Watch Tour. After months of speculation, Austin confirmed their coupledom in April 2015, telling us it was his first “real relationship.”

Ever since then, the two lovebirds have been flooding our Instagram and Twitter feeds with cute snapshots from their unique dates and intimate collaborations. And while it looks like we won’t be seeing any more of those anytime soon, we’ll always have these 29 moments to remember.

  1. The time when — way before they were dating — they gushed about each other for all of Twitter to see.
  2. When she shared a pic from their first time performing together and wrote, “it’s nice to share the stage with someone who shares the same passions and dream.”
  3. This throwback selfie of them looking all young and coordinated.
  4. The time they teased their first “magic” collaboration.
  5. When he shared a shot of them “talking business,” but we all knew they were probably flirting with each other instead.
  6. The time at Premios Juventus when they were THISCLOSE to kissing.
  7. When she wished him a happy 18th birthday.
  8. And then he wished her a happy 17th.
  9. Not only that, but he then sang to her onstage.
  10. That time she guided him across the street like the fearless leader she is.
  11. And when he returned the favor by pushing her in some kind of wheelbarrow contraption.
  12. The time they went on a seaside vaca with their crew and gave us #VacationGoals.
  13. And when they went jet-skiing in Miami and basically looked like models in a J. Crew ad.
  14. When they had the best date EVER and played with baby cheetahs.
  15. Like… it just doesn’t get cuter than this.
  16. When the world was in black and white but we knew their love was in screaming color (paraphrasing Taylor Swift there, NBD).
  17. The time they revealed their sweet nicknames for each other.
  18. When she shared this cute moment of them frolicking on the beach on the set of their “Lovin’ So Hard” video.
  19. And when they took a selfie together on the video’s set.
  20. Actually, just the whole video in general.
  21. When they set the gold standard for sultry couple selfies.
  22. “Mmm mmm yeah yeah” -Austin Mahone and also us, after looking at this picture.
  23. The time she only had eyes for him.
  24. And then when he only had eyes for her.
  25. And THEN they only had eyes for each other.
  26. When she showed off an “aww”-worthy Polaroid of him wrapping his arms around her.
  27. When they celebrated his birthday on the water.
  28. When they flaunted their guns with the Incredible Hulk and they were honestly too adorable for us to be scared of them.
  29. And when he said this. And even though it's sad to look back on now, we hope she'll always remain one of his faves.