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9 Celebrity B-Day Wishes That Prove Cara Delevingne Is The Most Popular

Happy birthday, indeed.

In case you haven't noticed, Cara Delevingne has a lot of famous friends. Not only is she a member of the Swiftie squad (and the "Suicide Squad"), but she's also got her fellow fashion gals, her musical pals, and, now, a crew of Hollywood people that she rolls with because she's a true triple threat.

It's to the point that she might be giving Jennifer Lawrence a solid run for her spot as Most Popular on our celebrity superlatives list right now. Might.

And since today (Wednesday, August 12) is her 23rd birthday, a whole bunch of her coolest pals came out to play with commemorative pics and posts that, as Cara champions so well, fully embrace her "weirdness."

  1. Miley Cyrus posted this pic of the two tongue-touching with a rainbow streak.

    "Happpppy Biiiiiirffffffday Mushy!!!!! @caradelevingne 🐷👼🚀🍟🌻🌈💖" Mushy? What a nickname.

  2. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift gave us a glimpse inside the surprise cleave selfies Cara took with her phone that one time.

    "Happy birthday to cheeky, charming @Caradelevingne- who lights up my life..and regularly steals my phone & does this," she captioned.

  3. Cara's GF Annie Clark (stage name: St. Vincent) shared a pic of Brooke Shields to celebrate.

    "Happy birthday to the one only @caradelevingne! ❤️ #thisisanoldpervypictureofbrookeshields" Must be an inside joke.

  4. Cara also got some Polaroid-style love from Gigi Hadid.
  5. Hailee Steinfeld slipped in her sweet something for the gal.
  6. Even Pharrell got in on the game today.

    "Always making me laugh 😂 Happy birthday lil sis @caradelevingne," he wrote.

  7. And here's what Halston Sage had to say about the big day.
  8. "Paper Towns" director Jake Schreier pulled one out of the archives for his b-day blessing.

    "Happy birthday to Queen Hot Dog @caradelevingne," he wrote to caption the festive pic. Only Cara could pull that off.

  9. And of course her sister Poppy Delevingne had to break our hearts with her sweet tribute.

    "23 years ago, a little potato like creature came into my life and changed it forever... Happiest Birthday my Bubsie @caradelevingne You inspire me and make me smile, every single day 💞."