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These 29 Famous Beauty Gurus' First YouTube Videos Are Proof That Hard Work Pays Off

Awww, bbs. :')

We'd be totally lost without our favorite beauty YouTube stars telling us how to do iconic looks on the daily, but before a lot of these gurus landed millions of subscribers, they were just regular ol' people doing tutorials from their bedrooms.

To show you how far they've come—and that hard work and dedication totally do pay off—we decided to pull together the oldest videos from some of our favorite YouTubers' channels. Hope you're ready for some grainy vids and old school graphics, y'all!

  1. Michelle Phan, 2007

    The queen of makeup tutorials started before anyone else—way back in '07! Her first “Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial” proves she was a pro from the get-go.

  2. Zoella, 2009

    If you want to laugh rullll hard, please watch Zoella's oldest video called "60 Things In My Bedroom." It's so random in the best way possible, and yeah, just... just watch it.

  3. Ingrid Nilsen, 2009

    If you want proof that Ingrid always had her beauty game on lock, look no further. Her OG tutorial "How To: Flawless Red Lips" still holds up.

  4. Blair Fowler (JuicyStar07), 2008

    Woowwww, Blair certainly has come a long way since posting low-fi videos in her bedroom, but TBH, she looks exactly the same.

  5. Bethany Mota, 2009

    Before Bethany Mota had her own Aéropostale fashion line, landed a Seventeen cover, and competed on Dancing With The Stars, she was just a quiet homeschooled tween with that same signature smile. :')

  6. Meredith Foster (Stilababe09), 2010

    OMGGG BB STILABABE09 WITH BRACES. We love how she takes this "What's in my Bag?" video v, v seriously.

  7. Andrea Brooks (AndreasChoice), 2009

    Andrea had to switch cameras mid-tutorial due to "technical difficulties" in this first vid, which kind of just makes us love it even more.

  8. Tanya Burr, 2009

    Awww, a "Gossip Girl" makeup tutorial by Tanya. We miss you, Serena van der Woodsen.

  9. Lindy Tsang (Bubzbeauty), 2008

    Apparently before Lindy starting doing beauty videos, she made supercuts of herself dancing to Missy Elliott. YASSSS.

  10. Lauren Curtis, 2011

    Yooo, Lauren was ALWAYS an adorable Australian beauty, and here's proof.

  11. Kandee Johnson, 2009

    Gotta love Kandee for giving us the best brush tips from the (very grainy and darkly lit) start. (Also, hi Blogspot URL!)

  12. Karissa Pukas, 2010

    Karissa as a BB-faced fashion student is giving us LIFEEEE.

  13. Louise Pentland (Sprinkleofglitter), 2010

    Aloha, Bloggerinos! In case you didn't know, Louise has always been adorably awesome and TBH, hasn't changed a bit since she first started! Well, you know, minus that whole having a baby part.

  14. Meg DeAngelis (MayBaby), 2008

    Nothing makes us smile more than random videos of our faves before they were famous–especially this one of Meg doing backflips in the middle of an amusement park.

  15. Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo), 2010

    It's amazing to see how far the (now-very-blonde!) Shannon has come from her days as a dark-haired girl doing shopping hauls from her bedroom.

  16. Weylie Hoang (ilikeweylie), 2008

    OMGGG, nothing is more 2000s than this pink and orange eye tutorial by Weylie back in '08. Also, her video description reads, "I'm the sister you never had.....or the sister you never wanted. Haha." <3 <3 <3

  17. Patricia Bright, 2010

    Patricia's oldest video is her straight-up just hanging out in an NYC hotel room because she's lonely. Spoiler: It's cute as haleee.

  18. Elle Fowler, 2009

    Back when Elle was just a college girl, she did super DIY beauty tutorials from her room. Hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

  19. Wayne Goss, 2009

    Da master of makeup, Wayne Goss, started off his YouTube channel in 2009 by doing a 5-minute makeup tutorial on himself. Also, please look at that intro photo. Hii, blonde tips!

  20. Amanda Steele (MakeupbyMandy24), 2010

    Amanda is only 15 right now, so when she posted her first vlog about traveling to New York, she was only 10! CAN THIS GET ANY CUTER? THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION.

  21. Raye Boyce (ItsMyRayeRaye), 2012

    Before Raye started posting killer makeup tutorials, she just hung out with her husband doing adorable things like dancing on a bed together.

  22. Marlena Stell (Makeup Geek), 2008

    We only have one thing to say about Marlena's first video: 2008 video graphics, babyyyy.

  23. Nicole Guerriero, 2010

    Nicole transformed into the glam goddess she is today by posting her favorite drugstore makeup picks way back in 2010. Don't think we forgot about that pole in the bedroom.

  24. Gigi Gorgeous, 2008

    Gigi Gorgeous started her YouTube channel in 2008 with this time-lapse video meticulously breaking down her makeup routine, so basically, she's been a pro even since the beginning! Those cheekbones, am I right??

  25. Rachel Levin (Rclbeauty101), 2010

    Rachel is only 20 years old, so when she did her first video on "How To...Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles," she was only 15! Nothin' like taking beauty tips from a girl in braces.

  26. Samantha Maria (beautycrush), 2009

    Before Samantha became the expert on all things beauty and fashion, she shared her diet tips with the world because, hey, why not? A note from the video reads, "I forgot to go into exercise so mayb[e] a different video for that lol." NOTED.

  27. Carli Bybel, 2011

    Even though this vid is super low-res, it's obvious Carli was born to be a ~star~.

  28. Jackie Aina, 2009

    Remember when makeup tutorial videos were basically just Powerpoint slideshows? No? Let Jackie remind you.

  29. Samantha Chapman (pixiwoo), 2008

    It's clear Samantha has always been a makeup pro, but man, we're SO glad she's upgraded her camera since then. THANKS, TECH GENIUSES.