King Los' 'Ghetto Boy' Video Focuses On Baltimore And Freddie Gray

Los has something to say.

The death of Freddie Gray while in police custody and the subsequent civil unrest in the city of Baltimore hit King Los hard. The highly skilled rap lyricist has voiced his concerns about the tensions between city police and the community where he was raised on a number of occasions, and Wednesday (Aug. 12), he approached the subject again, in the video for his new single "Ghetto Boy."

The vid, which premiered on MTV Jams and MTV.com earlier today, finds Los back in his native Baltimore streets dealing with the aftermath and turmoil.

"If two rival gangs can value each other enough to help save a community -- these are the gangs, these are the people that you say are the criminals -- then why aren’t the people that are paid to protect and serve us giving the same value to that community? Why," Los told MTV News about the tension in Baltimore back in April. "And those are the questions that we have to ask and those are the answers that we need."

"Ghetto Boy" appears on King Los' latest album God, Money, War.