John Green Doesn't Care About The Election Yet And That's More Than Okay

The 'Paper Towns' author doesn't give a s--t about Trump AND makes a solid case for shorter election cycles.

Are you tired of 2016 election coverage already? John Green sure is.

In his newest Vlogbrother's video, Green talks about the benefits and drawbacks of longer election cycles (sure they're democratic, but they're also sooooo distracting.) He's admittedly frustrated that "literal clowns" are being given so much attention and energy this early in the game while real and necessary policy work (like infrastructure bills) aren't.

He really sells the absurdity when he explains how actual babies will be conceived, gestated, birthed and laughing at their own farts BEFORE our next president is elected -- if that's not perspective, I don't know what is.

Since Election Day is officially 453 days away, maybe we can all take a page out of Green's book and let ourselves care about other things for a little bit. (And, I guess we'll have to save our #JohnGreen2016 campaigning for later. Bummer.)