Take A BTS Look At 'Scream''s Goriest Moment Yet

It wasn't all tears during Will's dramatic death sequence.

Will Belmont may have met his extremely tragic end during last night's jaw-dropping episode of "Scream" -- but fortunately, the mood in Lakewood was way more cheerful behind the scenes than onscreen. Makes us feel slightly better about that horrific farm machinery slaughtering action, caused by a booby trap set off by good girl Emma Duval.

"Recovering after being blasted with blood and oatmeal #gory #MTVScream," Willa Fitzgerald, the woman behind our fave heroine, captioned the photograph above on Twitter. PHEW, Will's insides and plasma were just the mushy breakfast food and a bit of syrup...

And even though the poor jock (portrayed by Connor Weil) bit the dust in unfortunate and gruesome fashion, the actor was all smiles in between takes. His co-star, on the other hand, was having a bit of difficulty getting rid of the sloppy substance post-splatter.

"Laughing while spitting out bloody oatmeal #MTVScream @MTVScream," the MTV starlet added along with the twitpic above. Warms our heart to see everyone was A-okay after that murder...and keep the glimpses from set coming, Willa!

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