Cariad Lloyd, Jenny Bede & Adam Brown

Aunt Flo Is Proud Of This Period-Inspired 'Bad Blood' Parody

'Now we got problems and Ibuprofen can't solve them.'

Cariad Lloyd and Jenny Bede are sick of paying for their "Bad Blood." In the U.K., a 5% VAT tax is placed on tampons, pads and menstrual cups while men's razors and bizarre things like crocodile meat are exempt. The actors and comedians decided to tackle this issue directly in their excellent Taylor Swift parody.

In a spoof directed by Adam Brown, Tay's Catastrophe character becomes Heavy Flow, and Selena Gomez's Arsyn becomes Applic Hater. Other notable roles include Madame Ovary, Enid O’Metriosis, Oestro Jen, Ivy Profene and Luna Tick. Since tampons cost mad money thanks to this tax, the team jokingly suggests alternative absorbent options like dishcloths, Play-Doh and tea bags, among others.

"Male-dominated parliaments deem these items a 'luxury' and tax them accordingly. To put things in perspective, in the U.K. crocodile meat is considered an essential. Tampons are not,", a website fighting to end the tax on sanitary products, reads.

"Ladies now we got bad blood. Our super-pluses are adding up. Take a look what they've done to avoid all the bad blood," they sing together. Watch the badass video below.

H/T Cosmopolitan