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This Is How The Weeknd Made The Mystery Work In His Favor

The Weeknd will be at the 2015 MTV VMAs on August 30.

Leave the crowd wanting more. It's an adage that has been around probably for as long as crowds have been gathering in hopes of being entertained. It's a rule that may seem outdated in this digital era, where over-sharing is the norm.

That's what makes the Weeknd special. Abel Tesfaye captivated music fans, while draped in a cloak of mystery, when he released his House of Balloons mixtape in 2011. The Weeknd was heard, but seldom seen, and when he was seen, he rarely spoke.

The Toronto singer/songwriter has been playing keep-away for four years now, but this month looks to be the Weeknd's most visible yet. On August 28, he will release his second proper album Beauty Behind the Madness, and then two days later on August 30, the Weeknd will take the stage at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to perform his hit single "I Can't Feel My Face" for the first time on television.

We'll admit we didn't know what to make of the Weeknd's strategy in the beginning. He let the music speak for itself and although we're not sure that he'll ever completely embrace his celebrity, we love how he slowly peeled away the layers of mystery.

  1. Started With A Tweet, Now We're Here

    We didn't know much about Abel back in March 2011, but after Drake tweeted this now-classic lyric from "Wicked Games" we were intrigued.

  2. House Of Balloons

    The first tape in the Weeknd's Trilogy dropped on March 21, 2011 and while the musical picture became a little more clear, we had little idea what made this budding star tick.

  3. "Rolling Stone" Video

    Weeknd's first video gave us an early look at Abel.

  4. "Wicked Games" Video

    And "Wicked Games" gave us a little more.

  5. Kiss Land

    We didn't exactly love the Kiss Land album, but Abel had some real underrated songs on there. And it was a key part of the journey -- without KL who knows if we would have ever got to "Often," "Earned It," "The Hills" and "Can't Feel My Face?"

  6. "Love Me Harder" With Ariana Grande Really Helped

    We were surprised when the Weeknd collaborated with Ariana and producer Max Martin last year, but we were glad he did.

  7. His 2015 BET Performance With Alicia Keys
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    Taking the stage with Alicia Keys was big, but when the Weeknd won the Centric award for "Earned It" he didn't show up to give a speech.

  8. The New York Times Interview
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    Abel granted a rare interview to the NYT and talked about wanting to help fill the void that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston left in music.

  9. "Can't Feel My Face" Is #1

    Maybe he isn't into the fame so much, but having a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 has to feel amazing.

  10. What Will The VMAs Bring?

    We already know Abel will perform at the 2015 VMAs, but we really have no idea what he will do next. Better believe we'll be watching though.

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from L.A.’s Microsoft Theater at 9 p.m. ET, on Sunday, August 30.