When Stars Collide: 'Girl Code' Is About To Meet 'Awkward''s Hottest Guys

See Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern pay a very special visit tonight!

To blatantly make the first move or... continue to sip our mojitos in silence while subtly making googly eyes at the object of our potential affections? That is the question so many girls grapple with, and lucky for us, a couple of "Awkward" hunks will be appearing on tonight's "Girl Code" to shed some light on the subject. Thank you, Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern!

Didn't ya know -- the guys are practically experts on the topic of move-making. After all, wasn't it Matty who basically convinced Jenna to get it on in a broom closet way back when? And wasn't it Jake who initially consoled the heartbroken Tamara while she was mourning the death of her relationship with Ricky Schwartz (RIP)? C'moooon, these two practically invented the art of the come-on.

Watch these flirt experts in action in the below "Girl Code" sneak peek, and catch back-to-back episodes tonight at 11/10c -- ahem, following an all-new "Teen Wolf"! Oh, and the second half of "Awkward"'s Season 5 kicks off August 31! So much amazing TV is happening, OMG.