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5 Juicy Celeb Stories To Catch Up On This Week

From exclusive 'Fuller House' secrets to Emma Watson's jaw-dropping magazine cover, catch up on all the need-to-know news.

The beautiful thing about celebrity news is that no one can keep their mouths shut for too long. And when the secrets start pouring and the truth comes out, that’s when the real fun begins.

This week was loaded with exciting stories from celebs who couldn’t help but tease us. From Taylor Swift’s next single to Lady Gaga’s unexpected album news, there’s SO much to look forward to. Need a refresher? We’ve got you covered — catch up with all the need-to-know stories right here.

Itching for more deets? Find out more about these trending news stories below!

  1. Lady Gaga is gearing up for her comeback.

    It’s been two whole years since her last album, ARTPOP, was released, but Gaga finally teased her fifth LP on Instagram this week. Get ready, y’all… Mother Monster is coming back to reclaim her pop throne.

  2. Taylor Swift made our “Wildest Dreams” come true.

    Oh, you thought Tay was done spewing out chart-topping hits from 1989? Think again! Ms. “Catastrophe” revealed her next single is the dreamy ballad “Wildest Dreams” — a decision that’s so perfect in so many ways.

  3. We got some major clues about the “Jurassic World” sequel.

    You didn’t think those dinos would stay put on one tiny island forever, did you?! Director Colin Trevorrow hinted that the next “Jurassic” blockbuster will be taking the story worldwide. In other words, prepare for total dinosaur domination.

  4. Have mercy! DJ Tanner gave us some juicy “Fuller House” secrets.

    MTV News grilled Cameron Candace Bure about the “Full House” spinoff, and she was more than game to spill some insider info. We STILL can’t get over the cute things she said about DJ and Steve… aww!

  5. And Emma Watson continued to be a stunning human being.

    No surprise here: the British beauty looks gorgeous on her basically makeup-free cover of British Vogue. But rest assured, Em’s more than just a pretty face — the mag also dubbed her “Voice of a Generation” for her outstanding activist work. Let THAT be your dose of inspiration to power through this weekend like a boss.