Aaron Caycedo-Kimura

9 Comics About Being An Introvert Show That We’re Not Alone (Unless We Want To Be)

A night in with these would do nicely.

Does a bumpin' house party with every single one of your friends in attendance sound like the perfect Saturday night? For about half of you, the answer is a resounding "NOPE."

Introverts make up between one-third to one-half of our population, and in this modern world of constant socializing, putting yourself out there becomes an extremely difficult thing -- especially to those of us who prefer a lot of alone time. With that in mind, Aaron Caycedo-Kimura (a self-professed introvert) started INFJoe Cartoons.

"I was reflecting on how difficult growing up as an introvert and specifically as an INFJ (one of the 16 Myers-Briggs types) was for me," Caycedo-Kimura told MTV News. "I wanted to encourage others like me, especially the younger ones who may feel out of place in this world."

Take a look at some of Caycedo-Kimura's best comics below.

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