Is This A Quote From Harrison Ford Or Chris Pratt? Take Our Quiz

Choose wisely.

Chris Pratt may have gotten his big break as the hilarious and heartfelt Andy Dwyer in "Parks and Recreation," but these days he's making most of his bank (AND making us swoon) as a bonafide action-adventure hero who charms women and sentient non-talking monsters all over the galaxy with his charimatic jerkiness. Gee, who does THAT sound like?

Seriously, you can't go three seconds without another rumor of Chris Pratt taking over for Harrison Ford in an "Indiana Jones" or "Star "Wars" reboot, and it's easy to see why -- when you break it down, their careers are surprisingly similar.

Let's see if you can tell the difference between some of their iconic lines in our quiz below! (complete with totally thematically appropriate dinosaurs to guide you):