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Watch Meek Mill Surprise Nicki Minaj On Stage With A Diamond-Encrusted Necklace

As you may or may not know, Meek MillNick Minaj's fiancé—is on her Pinkprint Tour alongside her. When he's not dropping Drake dis tracks, he's surprising Nicki with gifts on stage.

During the Camden show, Meek unveiled his latest gift for Nicki—a very sparkly necklace which, fortunately, matched her very sparkly dress. As Meek struggled with the clasp—seriously, look at his face at the end of the clip, LOLOLOL—Nicki checks out the bling and expresses her gratitude for the unexpected gift.

If you thought feigning enthusiasm for a present in front of your family on Christmas morning was hard, imagine doing it in front of thousands of people. I'm not saying, by the way, that Nicki isn't into the necklace, I'm just saying it'd be an awkward situation to be put in, OK??

This isn't the first time Meek has surprised Nicki with hella diamonds—less than a month ago she got a new piece to match her 15-carat engagement ring.

The Pinkprint Tour only has a few shows left, so will Meek go all out for the last show? Maybe like a bedazzled helmet? We'll find out soon!