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Taylor Swift's Not-So-Lucky Favorite Number Has Landed Her In Court

Lucky 13 is accusing Swift of trademark infringement.

When it comes to judge mandated court appearances, Taylor Swift can't shake it off.

Due to a trademark infringement case with the streetwear brand Lucky 13, a judge ordered Taylor Swift to testify under oath despite efforts by her lawyers to keep the Grammy-award winner out of court.

It seems like only yesterday (even though it was 2009) MTV News inquired with Swift about the significance of the number 13 drawn on her hand, to which she stated, "Basically whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing.” She cited examples like her birthday (December 13), turning 13 on Friday the 13th, and her self-titled 2006 debut going gold in 13 weeks. There were also more fluky instances like awards won while sitting in the 13th row, and her first #1 song having a 13-second intro.

The lawsuit filed in May of 2014 by Lucky 13 might mark the end of her 13-related luck. The Orange County-based brand is accusing T.Swift of trademark infringement originating from her unauthorized use of Lucky 13's federally registered trademarks: specifically, "Lucky 13" on t-shirts and greeting cards. E! News reports her lawyers attempted to limit the line of questioning directed towards their star client and recent Vanity Fair cover girl, but those requests were denied. Lucky 13 has also claimed to have contacted Swift's camp numerous times to resolve the lawsuit to no reply.

A statement from Swift's rep reads: "The owner of Lucky 13 wants to harass Taylor into a settlement by forcing her into a deposition knowing full well the disruption it would cause given her ongoing world tour. Lucky 13 does not have any evidence that Taylor was involved in the design of this t-shirt that was a limited-run only for St. Patrick's Day or the sweepstakes that was a onetime event. Her lack of involvement with anything truly relevant to this lawsuit is apparent."

She's battled Apple Music, Spotify, and won over Kanye West. But going to court against her lucky number? Is there nothing she can't do?