You Can’t Name 9 Musical Muppets Moments Better Than These

Seriously. We dare you.

Tuesday's unthinkable news of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog's split had me guessing it may or may not be some kind of setup for when their new show, "The Muppets," debuts on ABC next month. I don't mean that cynically -- I really hope the pair gets back together! Preferably in the first episode, preferably in the very first scene.

I've also been hoping that, since this is The Muppets we're talking about, we can also expect some killer musical performances in the works. You know, mainly because Animal needs something to rock out to, and also because the rest of us need something to bop our little heads to as well.

Well, it doesn't get much rockier than Imagine Dragons.

The "I Bet My Life" band will appear on the inaugural episode of "The Muppets" as musical guests on the talk show-within-a-show "Up Late With Miss Piggy," The Hollywood Reporter wrote. The drumset in their photo above is sadly empty, but perhaps we can take that to mean Animal hadn't made his grand entrance just yet?

Anyway, Imagine Dragons will be the latest in a wonderful and storied lineage of Muppets musical guests that's entirely too long to recreate here. However, we did round up some of our favorites below. Check them out, and let us know your favorites in the comments.

  1. Katy Perry & Elmo - "Hot N Cold"

    Katy and Elmo play dress up (or try to), singing this lovely ode to indecision all the while. An instant classic!

  2. Bruno Mars & Sesame Street - "Don't Give Up"

    Closer to "The Lazy Song" than "Gorilla" and "Uptown Funk," this chill tune has a sweet inspirational message that's not just for kids.

  3. Lady Gaga & Kermit The Frog - "Gypsy"

    Gaga and Kermie's spirited take on her 2013 song is full of theatricality and wonder -- because what else would you expect?

  4. Weezer & The Whole Gang - "Keep Fishin'"

    Could Miss Piggy's preference for drummer Pat Wilson explain her and Kermit's breakup??? Clues, clues everywhere.

  5. OK Go & Everyone - "The Muppet Show Theme Song"

    The viral video superstars teamed up with the entire Muppet crew for a wacky, YouTube-ready take on the show's opening theme.

  6. Beastie Boys, Swedish Chef, Beeker & Animal - "So What'cha Want"

    Not an unofficial Muppets performance, but come on. This edit is an absolute masterwork.

  7. Statler, Waldorf & Kanye West - "Gold Digger"

    Another mashup, this time with a hefty dose of everyone's favorite curmudgeonly old coots, Statler and Waldorf!

  8. Cee Lo Green & The Whole Gang - "All I Need Is Love"

    Christmas cheer for all, courtesy of The Muppets (and Cee Lo, a little bit though).

  9. The Muppets - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

    There's no way to bring it all home than with a big group singalong, especially if it's Queen.