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Drake Is Sending Fabolous Gifts, So They're Definitely Cool Now

You know it's real when Jordans are involved.

They say that time heals all wounds -- but when you're a rapper, a pair of Air Jordans can't hurt, either. In Fabolous and Drake's case, a new pair of kicks cements the fact that there's no bad blood left between these two.

Things got a little sour last year, when Drake seemed to be taking a shot at the Brooklyn rapper in his Rolling Stone interview. While allegedly criticizing Kanye's "Swaghili" line on "I'm In It," Drizzy was quoted as saying, "Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some sh-t like that.” Not exactly the most flattering remark.

But on Tuesday, August 4, Fab posted an Instagram photo of his new limited edition OVO Air Jordans and gave a shout out to Drizzy for the gift. Glad to see that things are solid between these two.

Back in December, Fabolous told MTV News that he ran into Drake at an Air Jordan event and they finally talked things out.

“As a young artist, you gotta experience that before you understand that they will take your words and either flip ’em,” Fab said. “It might’ve been a light part of the conversation, but they use it as the strength to sell the story, to sensationalize the story.”

At least Drake was gracious about it.

"He apologized that I was even brought into that whole mess. I was shocked," the Brooklyn rapper added. Watch Fab explain in the video below.