13 LOL Quotes That (Almost) Softened 'Scream''s Goriest Episode Yet

Because who doesn't appreciate a chuckle between all the bloodshed?

Thank God for moments of levity.

This week's episode of "Scream" included what may have been the show's most gruesome murder yet (RIP Will), a bombshell revelation that could change, like, everything and more super-close encounters with the killer than we care to count. Fortunately, there was also a heap of classic quotes that made us crack a smile and forget, just for a moment, that a masked psycho might wipe out all of Lakewood.

From Noah 's never-ending quips to Jake and Brooke's banter -- plus more -- here are the top 13:

  1. When Noah greets Audrey after she's released by the police:
  2. When Noah comments on the fact that shady Mr. Branson is out for the day -- and has a substitute teacher in his place:
  3. When Jake tells his pals to man up and enter the abandoned bowling alley:
  4. When Emma's mom asks Kieran if he likes living in Lakewood:
  5. When Brooke tells Jake to make it snappy and he's not having it:
  6. When Noah stumbles through the dark, treacherous bowling alley:
  7. When Jake lasciviously suggests that since they're in danger, Brooke may want to put any 'unresolved issues' to rest -- and she calls him on it:
  8. When Noah explains why he's making a really long "knife stick":
  9. When Brooke lists Jake's many attributes:
  10. When Noah realizes that the killer is playing a mournful ballad called "Daisy Daisy" on the PA system:
  11. When a seriously wounded Jake realizes Brooke is crying tears of relief that he's still alive.
  12. When Noah bemoans the loss of his beloved knife stick:
  13. When Noah hugs Audrey after he gets out of the bowling alley alive:

What's your favorite quote? Tell us in the comments, then get ready for a new episode of "Scream" on Tuesday at 10/9c!