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6 Old-School Pop Punk Moments In 5SOS’ ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Video

They're alright, though.

5 Seconds Of Summer dropped their street-neon "She's Kinda Hot" video yesterday, and we really haven't recovered. Neither has Twitter, TBH. (Shout out to the user who celebrated with "a chocolate milk party." You do you.)

We've watched it a ton of times now, and one thing is abundantly clear: The video, much like the song itself, is littered with quick references and callbacks to the pop punk hits that came before it. This excited us, so we did what any self-respecting pop punk lovers would do and rounded them up -- you know, for the #NostalgiaFeels.

Hangin' On The Couch = Green Day's "Longview"


By playing video games, Luke exerts himself way more than Billie Joe did (though BJ's yelled part in the bridge probably burned a handful of calories).

Neighborhood Mega-Singalong #1 = Good Charlotte's "The Anthem"


While the Madden brothers (who co-wrote "She's Kinda Hot, FYI) jammed in a drained pool and not on a homecoming float, the sentiment is the same: We're here to take over your cul-de-sac.

Spooky Movie Coloring = Fall Out Boy's "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'"


No pop punk video ever reached peak horror-flick chic like this one, and 5SOS aren't going for spooky here at all. But the lighting? Totally on point with mid-2000s high-concept zombie proms.

Neighborhood Mega-Singalong #2 = My Chemical Romance's "Welcome To The Black Parade"


5SOS are wayyyy less dramatic than MCR, so this one's definitely more fun and less, like, shouting-into-the-void-full-of-desperation.

Sittin' On The Roof = Simple Plan's "Perfect"


5SOS keep it light and twinkly with a cartoon cat, but their roof-sitting definitely recalls the emotional gut punch of this 2002 ode to just being yourself (even if others don't think you're good enough).

Neighborhood Mega-Sinaglong #3 = Sum 41's "Fat Lip"


It's just not a shout-along anthem without a crowd to shout along with you. It's a veritable pop punk rite of passage!