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Here’s What You Need To Know About Charlie Puth’s Debut Album

The singer has revealed the title and release date of his first LP... and Camila Cabello is REALLY excited!

It’s been an astronomically exciting year for newcomer Charlie Puth, who scored a chart-topping smash hit with “See You Again.” But the angel-voiced crooner isn’t done yet — in fact, he’s gearing up to end the year on a literal high note by dropping his highly anticipated debut album.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter took fans by surprise yesterday (Aug. 2) when he announced the title and release date of his album in a trio of tweets.

Nine Track Mind, which drops Nov. 6, is preceded by Puth’s debut EP, Some Type Of Love, which was released in May. While further details about the new LP are being kept secret for now, we might be able to gauge how it’ll sound based on his current single, “Marvin Gaye.” The retro, Meghan Trainor-assisted tune showed off Puth’s knack for catchy melodies, simple yet memorable hooks, and some serious groove. If the rest of his album is even half as irresistible, we’re all in!

Another person who’s thrilled by Puth’s big news? None other than Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello, who couldn’t help but proclaim her excitement with a sweet and supportive tweet:

All we can say is: SAME, GIRL. Same.