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Rihanna's Revealing 'Mockingjay' Costume Definitely Won't End Up In The 'Hunger Games'

Your move, JLaw.

While we're sittin' in our cubicles thinking about how much Mondays suck, Rihanna is currently partying in her hometown of Barbados in the most awesome way possible—by paying homage to a "Hunger Games" hero in decked-out costume. YEP.

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Rih's at Crop Over—Barbados' biggest national festival, which features singing, dancing and floats—and she (very appropriately) chose the most badass outfit of all to celebrate: the Mockingjay. OooOoh.

Zulu International created an entire set of Crop Over ensembles inspired by the franchise, and for $788, Rihanna's costume certainly pulls out all the stops. It has an embellished bikini, headpiece, and of course, wings.

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Please note, though, that in Rih's version, she continued the bedazzling on her face, wrists, and even her drink. *bows down*

Rihanna's BFF Melissa Forde also joined in on the fun by swiping up a yellow and orange "Hunger Games" look paying homage to District 12. We're not sure why she'd go for a costume inspired by one of the bleakest districts in Panem, but hey, girl looks good in gold, amirite? Here's hoping Jennifer Lawrence will join them at the next one.