John Green And The Rest Of The Internet Are Having A Lovefest For #EstherDay -- And You Should Too

We really love you guys, BTW.

Before Esther Earl died in August 2010 -- after an almost four-year battle with thyroid cancer -- her friend and favorite author John Green (yes, that John Green) asked her how she would want to celebrate her birthday on Vlogbrothers, the Youtube channel he shares with his brother Hank.

Esther was an active member of the Nerdfighter community online (Green's OG squad) and loved to write and make Youtube videos. And, most importantly, she loved. Hard. After some thought, Earl said she wanted the day to be all about that -- celebrating family and friends and actually telling those people how much you love them.

For the last five years, Esther Day has been a time to remember to use your words and say "I love you," while you still can. With a box of tissues at the ready, we found a few of the most touching #EstherDay posts to share with you.

First off, Green gives a quick run-down of what it's all about (visiting a "Paper Town" to do it.)

A few people celebrated with some of Esther's own words.

And, obviously, there was just a whole lot of love (online and IRL.)

In honor of Esther: Don't forget to be awesome. Share the love and say those words today. You can learn more about Esther's life and the charity her parents run at