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13 No-Fail Ways To Stay Cool At A Summer Music Festival

Keep calm and cool down.

CHICAGO -- You know what you're getting into when you head to a summer festival. Whether it's Lollapalooza, which is going down this weekend, or Coachella, Governor's Ball, or Bonnaroo or any of the other many gatherings this season, there are a few things you can count on.

There will be music. Lots of live music.

There will be food. And the lines will be frustratingly long.

There will be people. Too many people if you're someone that values personal space.

And it will be HOT. Over these multi-day fests, it will probably be alarmingly hot at least once -- you are, after all, standing outside all day -- and it might be painstakingly scorching more than once.

I know this too well, as there was plenty of human roasting during Day One of Lolla this year, where temperatures on Friday (July 31) hit the 90s and the Windy City wasn't quite windy enough. But there were other ways to stay cool. Some of these are Lolla-specific, but most can serve as a helpful guide for any of your future festival-going.

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  2. Bring An Umbrella

    And if it rains, you'll be good, too.

  3. Wear One Of These Backpack Water Drinking Things
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    They're actually called hydration backpacks, and there are a few brands, but this one was a Camelbak.

  4. Turn Into This Statue
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    You never know.

  5. Jump The Fence And Into This Fountain
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    You're not allowed to, but f--k it.

  6. Lie Down On A Shady Sidewalk
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    Remember, heat rises.

  7. Find The Stage That's Most Sheltered In Shade
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    Regardless of who's playing.

  8. Get To The Partially Shaded Stages Early
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    Beat the crowds for prime position.

  9. Leave The Clothes At Home
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    Just make sure you get some sunscreen on that back.

  10. Stay Hydrated
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    Even if you have to wait in long lines.

  11. Find A Shaded Screen That's Showing The Stage You Want To Watch
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    It's like being on your couch at home but also at the festival all at once.

  12. Post Up At This Umbrella That Doubles As A Charging Station
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    You know your phone needs juice, anyways.

  13. Hit Up A Brand-Sponsored Area With Chairs
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    These companies have the right idea.