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Can One Direction 'Drag' Themselves Up To #1?

It's been a while since a boy band has been on top of the singles chart.

Directioners: I'm calling on you to make history here. Your now-quartet of boys has delivered unto you their new surprise single, "Drag Me Down," and now it's time to do the opposite: Raise them up.

Did you know, friends, that the dudes have never had a Billboard Hot 100 #1 single in the U.S.? The horror. And did you know, guys, that no boy band has achieved that hallowed spot since roughly the early thousands? It's been basically a tween's lifespan since crooning lads have ruled the singles charts.

Yup, 1D's first song since Zayn went solo has certainly whipped us all up into a frenzy -- it's already firmly stuck in my head -- but the dudes have only ever peaked at #2 with "Best Song Ever" -- although basically all their records went #1.

And it's not like they're anomalies. Even though 5SOS' "She's Kinda Hot" is also kinda my jam, the band hasn't broken the top 10 -- "Amnesia" peaked at #16. Thankfully, their self-titled record did hit the top of the chart.

The last boy band jam -- as far as we can tell -- that DID top the charts? B2K's "Bump Bump Bump" -- featuring P. Diddy -- hit #1 in 2003. Two thousand THREE, guys.

Before them, tatted-up Crazy Town hit #1 in 2001 with "Butterfly," 'N Sync had a #1 track in 2000 with "It's Gonna Be Me," and Hanson topped the charts in 1997 with "Mmmbop."

Shockingly, the granddaddies of boy band-age -- The Backstreet Boys, never had a Billboard Hot 100 #1 song in their heyday -- although they did have plenty of #1 albums.

Granted, it's not really THAT surprising that very few boy bands have hit #1 in the last 12 years -- they didn't start coming back into prominence until a few years ago, with One Direction themselves leading the pack with that trend. But, still, we're pretty sure they have at least ONE #1 hit in them, amirite?

So, it's kinda up to you to help Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall make history with their new anthem. Can we get all The Beatles (who had scores of #1s) and New Kids On The Block (who taught up to hang tough at the top of the chart) up in here?