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Try Not To LOL At Justin Bieber With One Direction, *NSYNC, And Other Boy Bands' Hair

Few men can make headlines with a slight change of their hair, but somehow, throughout his career, Justin Bieber has managed to do exactly that. The latest switch-up? A middle parted 'do that bears unimpeachable resemblance to the Backstreet Boys' resident blondie, Nick Carter.

Here's Justin.

Here's Nick.

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See what I mean? Same hair.

This recent update obviously begs the question: What would Justin Bieber look like with other iconic boy band hairstyles? Well, I'm happy to announce that we have found those answers and are prepared to share them with you.

  • Backstreet Boys
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    This mock-up seems to indicate that The Biebs was right to look to Nick of all the BSBoys for hair inspo. That, and he could probably pull off the bucket hat + overalls look.

  • *NSYNC
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    Where do we even start? *NSYNC was home to some of the most diverse hairstyles in all of boy band history: Justin Timberlake's curly frosted tips, JC's boy-next-door cut, Joey's flame-red spikes, Lance's platinum top, and Chris' multicolored braids. Which one looks best on Bieber? It's hard to say...

  • Hanson
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    Looking at this picture, I'm starting to realize that, as far as hair, Hanson was a kind of precursor HAIM. Right???? I know I'm right.

  • One Direction
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    Annnnnd finally, so that we're not just stuck in the '90s/'00s, here's what Justin Bieber would look like with all of One Direction's hair circa 2011.

Byeeeeeeee! Hope you don't have nightmares! And if you do, don't tell me about them!