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19 Kehlani Facts That Will Prepare You For The Tsunami

You'll be adding her to your playlists in no time.

Coming to us from Oakland, California, is Kehlani, a 20-year-old star who describes herself as being on the "come up." The talented and alluring singer is breathing new life into the R&B world and it's hard to find anyone who doubts this young diva's potential (diva meaning brilliantly creative, btw).

We've rounded up everything you should know in order to be fully prepared for Lani Tsunami.

  1. She made her debut on "America's Got Talent"

    As you can see in the video above, for about three years Kehlani was a part of a group named Poplyfe that eventually broke up.

  2. She released her first mixtape at 19

    Cloud 19 was received well by critics and fans.

  3. Her upbringing was rough

    Since her father passed away when she was a baby and her mother was incarcerated, Kehlani's aunt stepped up to the plate and quit college in order to raise her.

  4. She can dance

    Before lending her vocal talents to the music industry, Kehlani had "Juilliard dreams" that were cut short due to a knee injury. That doesn't stop her from killing some pretty impressive choreo, though.

  5. She comes from a multi-racial background

    Kehlani has explained that she's black, white, Native American and Spanish. How beautiful is that?

  6. Her fans call themselves the "Tsunami Mob"

    Inheriting the nickname "Lani Tsunami" from her laid-back "wavy" appeal, her fans began to call themselves the "Tsunami Mob" and are very die hard, even getting tattoos in Kehlani's honor.

  7. Her mixtape already topped the charts

    You Should Be Here was at #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart and #2 on both the Overall R&B Albums and Current R&B Albums chart.

  8. Her performances are amazing

    Sadly, it's not everyday that you can find an artist who sounds the same in person as they do on stage. That's #talent.

  9. Her collaborations are fire

    Working with Chance The Rapper, Lil B, and Trey Songz, so far, Kehlani's collaborations are pretty dope.

  10. Rumor has it that she's dating PartyNextDoor

    While no one has confirmed it, there's been a lot of talk that these two musicians have been getting awfully close lately. He even released this song, "Kehlani's Freestyle," on Soundcloud dedicated to her.

  11. She's considered the "female Drake"

    Fans and media are dubbing Kehlani a "female Drake" due to her vulnerability in her music.

  12. Her covers are impressive

    "I am convinced that these bitches are watching my movements and writing them down so I stopped saying words, yo, just hear me on records..."

  13. Her style gives us '90's feels

    The baggy jeans, with the Timbs and dark lip - we're definitely getting some Alliyah vibes and are loving it.

  14. She wants a "bigillion" babies

    And she wants to start having them before the age of 25 so that she can bring them on tour. #toocute

  15. She'd love to write for Chris Brown

    Kehlani explains that being a woman would make writing a love song (for an artist like Chris Brown) a lot easier. She delved into it by saying "knowing what I want to hear makes it easier for me to write for a guy."

  16. Selena Gomez is a big fan

    Everyone is paying attention to Kehlani's "come up."

  17. She was possibly the cutest baby ever

    Look at those hair buns! She'd give Ariana Grande hair envy.

  18. Drake's excited for her

    According to a convo they had while at a party in Malibu. Jealous yet?

  19. She loves Chick-fil-A

    Who doesn't, though?