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Jewel Made a Sequel To Her 1995 Album And It’s Coming So Soon

And the nostalgia train keeps on rollin'.

The world has lately been dripping with 1995-centric nostalgia -- from Justin Bieber's boy-band hair to rediscovered throwback red-carpet looks to all things "Clueless" -- and it's all been pretty amazing. Now, singer-songwriter Jewel is re-entering the spotlight through those same throwback feels.

Next month, the "Foolish Games" singer will release a new album called Picking Up The Pieces, which she recently said is a companion piece to her '95 debut, Pieces Of You. The stylistic parallels run deeper than just the similar titles, though.

That's the album artwork for the new record, and in the bottom left-hand corner, you can read the phrase "What we call reality in actuality is our perception of it." Super Jewel fans will recall that Pieces Of You featured a similarly existential message scrawled across its lower third: "What we call human nature in actuality is human habit."

"My focus for this CD was to forget everything I have learned about the music business the last 20 years and get back to what my bones have to say about songs and words and feeling and meaning. I let go of genre, radio, trend, current events, and clever strategies," the singer wrote in a statement on her website.

Think back to "You Were Meant For Me" and "Who Will Save Your Soul" and the fragile folk strums she decorated those aching songs with. Soon, we'll have more of them! Although Jewel's not particularly keen on repeating the same exact formula.

"This is not a clever record. This record has no genre. It has no single that will be played at radio. It is raw, honest poetry that poured out of my bones and my soul. There are several six minute songs with no chorus. There are folk songs and country songs and songs that are just long poems set to music."

You can check out the track list for Picking Up The Pieces, which drops Sept. 11, on Jewel's website. Until it's out, enjoy "Who Will Save Your Soul" from, you guessed it, way back in '95.