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'The Originals' Season 3 Is Heating Up: Here's Everything We Know

Guess who's back from the dead?

Until recently, the most exciting news about Season 3 of "The Originals" was that there would actually be a third season -- thus sparing us all the horror of a world in which we only ever had this one measly gif of Marcel being all shirtless and flirty in bed.

But details are finally starting to emerge about what's in store when "The Originals" returns in October. And while there are no specific promises yet of more lingering, loving shots of Marcel's chest, there's a lot to get excited about.

Here's what we know so far.

  1. Fans are getting just what they wanted for Christmas this year: a big lump of Kol.

    Julie Plec promised, and Nathaniel Buzolic confirms: the recently-deceased Kol will definitely reappear on the upcoming season of "The Originals." Don't celebrate his return from the dead yet, though; according to Nathaniel, his scenes are likely to be flashbacks.

  2. Jason Dohring will get a clue on the CW again.

    TV Line reports that our favorite detective's assistant from "Veronica Mars" will turn up in New Orleans this season -- as a private eye with a penchant for vampire-hunting.

  3. Klaus had better watch his (perfectly formed) butt.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Lees and Rebecca Breeds are joining the cast in recurring roles: Brees as the seductive, malicious Aurora, and Lees as Lucien, a member of Klaus's sire line who comes to New Orleans with seeeecret secret plans for Klaus. Prediction: Said secret plans involve biting all of Klaus's favorite people.

  4. Keep your smelling salts and fainting couch handy, because things are about to get serious.

    Although they won't reveal spoilery details, the cast of "The Originals" hasn't exactly held back on teasing us with tantalizing promises of what's to come, including love triangles, catfighting, ancient grudge matches, and maybe even some werewolf sex. Werewolf sex!

"The Originals" cannot come back soon enough, but will be back this October on the CW.