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13 Times Cara Delevingne Proved She’s A Real-Life Enchantress

It's the role she was born to play.

"Suicide Squad" might not be out in theaters until next summer, but we're already obsessed with every member of the team just from that first trailer -- especially the mysterious Enchantress, as played by Cara Delevingne. So far, all we know about her is that Cara had to channel a lot of rage for her audition, and that she's described the character as "a mousy kind of scientist and then a crazy feral witch.”

Despite not being totally clear on what kind of person the Enchantress is, we are very confident that Cara Delevingne will be able to bring her to life perfectly. Why? Because in real life, Delevingne is already a master of the gothic, witchy aesthetic -- it's enough to make you feel like she could totally jump on a broomstick and fly off into the night like the awesome supernatural goddesses she is. Here's our proof:

  1. That time she kissed a frog.

    Presumably after she'd just transformed it from a prince into a frog, we're guessing.

  2. That time she took us on a tour of Hogwarts.

    While recreating the iconic show "MTV Cribs," Cara Delevingne took Vogue on a journey through her fabulous home, which also may or may not be the London studios where "Harry Potter" was filmed.

  3. That time she used her powers to stop the world.

    Carry on.

  4. That time she found the perfect familiar.

    Most witches just get black cats or owls, but a baby lion is way better.

  5. That time she showed off her method for relaxing.

    Bath full of roses or special cauldron of fanciness?

  6. That time she showed up to the red carpet looking like our next Supreme.
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    Have they started casting that remake of "The Craft?" Because all those girls should dress like this. Also Cara should just be IN the movie, of course.

  7. That time she and Binx Walton maybe did an incantation together.

    Or it could just be an elaborate handshake, but I'm gonna choose to believe it was an incantation, okay??

  8. That time she bewitched all of us at the "Paper Towns" premiere.
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    Is it just me or does this pose make her look like she's about to engulf us in waves "Sorcerer's Apprentice"-style?

  9. That time she was an actual mermaid.
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    There's a lot to take in when watching the latest trailer for Hugh Jackman's "Pan" movie, but Cara Delevingne as a mermaid is more than enough reason to rewatch it three more times. At LEAST.

  10. That time she performed vocal magic.

    Little known fact: all sorceresses are kick-ass beatboxers.

  11. That time she rocked a pair of wings at the Victoria's Secret show.
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    Maleficent would be so jealous.

  12. That time she summoned her whole squad together.

    Getting all those superheroes and villains in one selfie together is nothing short of magic.

  13. And finally, that time she transformed herself into a hot dog.

    Just magical.