'Paper Towns': Here's How That Epic Prom Scene Came Together

Is that, like, your only dance move, Nat Wolff?

Fans of John Green's coming-of-age novel "Paper Towns" might have been surprised by the big screen adaptation's extended ending. For example, instead of ending with Q and Margo's goodbye kiss, the film shows Q getting on a bus back to Orlando and miraculously arriving at prom just in time to dance to Haim with his friends.

We chatted with the cast of "Paper Towns" about the film's surprise dance sequence at a recent press day, and yes, ladies, Q's moves were all Nat Wolff. "That's his only dance move," Wolff's co-star Cara Delevingne told us. Well, that and awkward middle school bobbing.

"That was a great day on set," director Jake Schreier told MTV News. "I think Nat [Wolff] actually missed his prom because he was auditioning for 'The Fault in Our Stars.' And Halston [Sage] went to an all-girls' school. So this was their prom in a lot of ways."

"Cara [Delevingne] was super jealous because she didn’t get to be there," he added. "We shot prom pretty late into the shoot, and so by that point, we had all hung out with each other and there were a core set of songs we'd been listening to, so I put together a DJ playlist. I knew it was going to be in slow motion and we weren’t going to hear what the song was anyways, so for each take we put a different song on, and I didn’t tell them what it was going to be. We'd all been listening to 'Humans' by the Killers and it had gotten stuck in everybody's heads so we put that on -- and we put 'Party in the USA' on and 'Shake It Off.'"

As for what happened after prom, we'll let Halston Sage and Austin Abrams handle that one.

"Paper Towns" is currently in theaters.