A 'Kenan & Kel' Reunion May Be In The Works According To This Cryptic Tweet

Aww, here it goes! ...Maybe.

Now that orange soda aficionado Kel Mitchell is headed back to Nickelodeon to play the token adult (yep, we're old) on the network's new series "Game Shakers," we have to wonder if a "Kenan & Kel" reunion of some sort is in the works. After all, "Game Shakers" reunites Mitchell with creator Dan Schneider, who was an executive producer of "All That," "Kenan & Kel," "Drake & Josh," and "iCarly," as well as a co-writer of Mitchell's big screen debut, "Good Burger." Basically, you can thank Schneider for your awesome childhood.


As it turns out, Schneider is totally down for a "Kenan & Kel" reunion -- and we have Flo Rida to thank for the latest development. When Flo Rida posted "Whose ready for a Kenan and Kel reunion... sure to be hilarious" on Facebook over the weekend, Schneider replied to his comment on Twitter. (Obviously, the most important convos transpire over social media these days.)

"Hey Flo Rida! Agreed! I think EVERYONE is ready. Will you be IN IT??" he tweeted.

Oh. My. God. Is it just us or does it sound like there may be some truth to these rumors? With Mitchell returning to Nick for "Game Shakers," it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume Mitchell's other half, Kenan Thompson, would make an appearance on the new series.

Meanwhile, Mitchell says he's totally ready for a "Kenan & Kel" reunion. He'll even bring the orange soda! "I think that would be awesome," he told Digital Spy. "I'm into it. Dan's into it. I think that would be cool. We just have to get Kenan and see if he's into it. I think that would be a lot of fun."

Somebody get Kenan on the phone, ASAP. It's not like Schneider launched YOUR CAREER OR ANYTHING. Where would you be without "Everyday French With Pierre Escargot?!"