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Here Are The Celebs Who've Called For Gun Control After The Lafayette Shooting (So Far)

America's latest movie theater shooting has spawned some important reactions.

A shooting at a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater's screening of "Trainwreck" left three people dead Thursday night (July 23), including the shooter. Nearly immediately, Twitter once again became the venue for the grief-stricken to vent their outrage and sadness over the deaths of the two victims, 21-year-old Mayci Breaux and 33-year-old Jillian Johnson, as well as the nine injured.

"Trainwreck" writer and star Amy Schumer offered her condolences in a simple, succinct message Thursday (and hasn't tweeted since).

Amid a flood of similar 140-character messages pouring in under the hashtag #Lafayette Thursday and Friday came a trio of striking ones from "Pitch Perfect 2" actress Rebel Wilson, who hails from Australia -- a country she points out doesn't share America's problem of frequent mass shootings.

And last night, Katy Perry decided it was time for the gloves to come off, too.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal doesn't agree, saying at a press conference Friday night that this is "not the time" to talk about gun control. Jindal, a GOP presidential hopeful, has suspended his campaign in order to focus on the crisis in Lafayette.

Meanwhile, "Trainwreck" director Judd Apatow issued a statement that effectively sums up why a mass shooting that targets a movie theater -- and not even the first one in our nation's history -- is especially heinous.

"One of the reasons we make these movies is because the world can be so horrifying and we all need to laugh just to deal with it," Apatow told The Hollywood Reporter. "So to have this happen in a room where people were smiling and laughing devastates me. My thoughts and love go out to the victims and anyone touched by this madness or any madness. We, as a country, need to find a way to do better."

We really, really do.