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Aww - Check Out Baby J. Lo As The Birthday Girl

Also? We now know that Emme is a dead ringer for her mom.

Jennifer Lopez turned 46 years old on Friday (July 24) -- yep, she's got a membership card to the same secret Fountain of Youth pool as Paul Rudd, apparently -- and she decided to share a throwback picture of herself as the teensy weensy little birthday girl to celebrate her day.

The #TBT pic, which she posted on Instagram, shows a pint-sized J. Lo, absolutely overjoyed with the sight of her giant floral sheet cake.

So much YUM. So much YAY!

The thing is, we had to *really* investigate to make sure this was even Jennifer Lopez in the pic because her daughter Emme -- who is now 7 years old, which must be around the same age as J. Lo was in the pic -- looks exactly like this right now.

For comparison's sake, consider Exhibit A:

See what we mean? That smile, the cheeks, the way her hair line has those cute little curly Qs? IDENTICAL.

There are more examples of her daughter doppelganger status available here, here, and here for further consideration, but there's absolutely no doubt about it now: Emme is Jenny's looper twin through and through. Which means there's no need to hold an open casting call for that eventual "Out of Sight" remake.

Happy birthday, Jennifer Lopez!