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Jordin Sparks, Is That You? Her New Track '100 Years' Is Smooth And Sexy

Get your romance on.

Jordin Sparks is straying from the pop music that she broke through with after winning "American Idol," and now, it seems like she's going in a more sultry direction.

You may know Sparks from her anthemic hits like "Tattoo," but with her new track, "100 Years," released on Friday (July 24), she's keeping the motivational beats low-key. Instead, she focuses on her sensual lyrics, velvety synths and a slow-jam tempo.

"This morning when we kissed, I felt everything that you needed to say," she says in a spoken section of the song, watery tones and pizzicato strings underneath her. "No words even need to be said. You looked right into my eyes, and I knew."

The track will be featured on the Salaam Remi-produced Right Here, Right Now, out August 21. She's releasing a new song every Friday until the album drops.

Don't expect to dance to this song -- unless it's the slow, intimate kind. "100 Years" is different from "Double Tap," the upbeat Instagram-centric track featuring 2 Chainz released in March. It explores romance on a deep level, something that's a little bit more grown-up for the 25-year-old singer who broke up with longtime boyfriend Jason Derulo last year.

"I was still experimenting with using my voice in different ways," Sparks told Billboard, who premiered the track. "I really love how this song turned out. It's just about, 'One hundred years just is not enough time for me to love you. I love you so much and all these different things and 100 years just isn't enough time.'"