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'Paper Towns': Here's How To Find John Green's Cameo

Green's cameo got lost... but you can get it found

Additional reporting by Crystal Bell

If you're headed to see "Paper Towns" again this weekend and are dying to catch author John Green's cameo, here's a hot tip: sit on the left side of the theater. According to director Jake Schreier, that's where the magic is.

Spoilers for "Paper Towns" past this point!

See, Green's much-hyped cameo is easy to miss. His bit part in "The Fault In Our Stars" was infamously cut and he publicly said before the release of "Paper Towns" that his cameo would definitely be in the movie. But you wouldn't be blamed if you didn't catch it -- Green's own wife didn't.

"It's funny you should mention that you spotted it, because my wife didn't, and we've together for like 11 years," Green told MTV News.

Green voices the father of the girl Margo's (Cara Delevingne) ex-boyfriend has been cheating on her with. He appears as a shadowy figure wielding a gun and yelling about how he has a gun. As Green said, "It's not my physical body, it is only my extraordinary voice."

Don't worry, Nat Wolff didn't catch it either.

"I honestly saw a screening of the movie and I didn't know it was in there," he said.

"I’m a little worried that we’re getting people’s hopes up a little too much with the whole 'cameo in the movie thing,'" Schreier said. "Cause I know people will be looking for it visually. And really, they should keep their ears open."

Hot tip: Green's audio is mostly in the left channel of the sound, so if you'd like to get more of an earful of your favorite author, choose that side.

"Paper Towns" is in theaters now.