'Avengers: Age Of Ultron': Watch Vision Battle Ultron In This Exclusive Scene

The sequel comes to digital on Sept. 8, and everywhere on Oct. 2.

This Spring, Marvel's mightiest heroes united on the screen for the second time to battle a bigger, badder, slightly more robotic threat in "Avengers: Age Of Ultron." And pretty much everyone in the world went to see the movie, including -- probably -- you.

But just in case you somehow missed the epic superhero mash-up on screen (or want to watch it a million times again), it's officially hitting home with deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, a gag reel and audio commentary. And in fact, you won't even have to wait that long: the movie is hitting early on Digital 3D, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on September 8.

Even better news! We have a never-before-released scene from towards the end of the movie -- those of you who were sleeping in ice ala` Captain America these past few months, avert your eyes -- when Vision (Paul Bettany) meets Ultron (James Spader) for the first time. Things, as they say, don't go that well.

And keep your eyes peeled for a killer stunt from Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), because we bet you didn't see that coming.

If you're less into Ultron in programming form, like when he first appears (i.e., in the cloud), and more into his eventual physical robot army form, the sequel will also hit 3D Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital SD and On-Demand on October 2.

Watch the official announcement trailer for the home video release below, and make sure to play it on loop until September 8.