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Let's Relive Michelle Williams' Top Destiny's Child Moments In Honor Of Her Birthday

Michelle might have been last, but she definitely wasn't least.

Destiny's Child may be a thing of the past, but Beyonce's friendship with former bandmate Michelle Williams is most definitely alive and kickin'. Case in point: today (July 23) is Michelle's 35th birthday, and her gal B decided to commemorate the occasion with this adorable photo:

"Happy birthday my belle!" Beyonce captioned the pic. And really, neither of these women have seemed to age a minute since their days as "Independent Women" of the early aughts. Beautiful, indeed.

Naturally, this sweet birthday sentiment had us feeling all tingly and nostalgic for the days when Michelle, Beyonce, and fellow Child of Destiny Kelly Rowland rocked coordinating metallic outfits and belted those high notes like nobody's business.

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Oh, yes.

But really, Destiny's Child ruled -- and still does rule, TBH -- because these girls weren't just fierce, but they could also SING! And while Beyonce's pipes were typically front and center, there's no way Destiny's Child would have been our favorite girl group of the late '90s/ early 2000s without both Kelly AND Michelle. Truly, Destiny's Child hit its stride as a trio (sorry, LeToya, LaTavia, and Farrah).

So, in honor of Michelle's birthday, let's revisit a few of our homegirl's top moments as the last, but definitely not least, member of Destiny's Child.

  1. Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show

    In 2013, the girls reunited for an epic Super Bowl performance. If you thought Destiny's Child were past their prime, you most definitely thought wrong. Michelle busted some SERIOUS moves here.

  2. "Survivor"

    Michelle slays the bridge of "Survivor," adding her soulful edge to the powerful track. Plus, she does it while donning cut-out camouflage pants. QUEEN.

  3. "Cater 2 U"

    Michelle makes a solo appearance at the end of this track as well, and really, it goes without saying: never in music video history has a see-through lawn chair looked more appealing. Just ask that dude in the hoodie.

  4. "Soldier" ft. Lil Wayne

    Michelle showed off her bad side in the video for "Soldier," hanging with Lil Wayne and rocking a pretty fly flannel crop top on a motorcycle (LMK where that shirt can be purchased, thanks).

  5. This look from the 2001 VMAs.
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    Michelle wore the poncho, so she clearly won this look.

  6. And this look from "TRL," also in 2001.
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    Because that cowboy hat. Duh.

  7. "Emotion"

    Michelle really brings the feels towards the tail end of this late-DC era cut. Just one of her many amazing vocal moments.

HBD, girl! It wouldn't have been Destiny's Child without you.