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Aww! Nat Wolff Surprised Cara Delevingne With A 'Paper Towns' Mixtape

And here we thought only boys in YA novels made mixtapes.

In case you need any more proof of Nat Wolff's perfection, he pulled the ultimate swoon-worthy move on his "Paper Towns" co-star Cara Delevingne: he made her a mixtape. Oh, and he called it "From Quentin to Margo." Three... two... one... Awww!

Better yet, each song on Wolff's mixtape was inspired by John Green's "Paper Towns." Who knew Wolff was the Marissa Cooper of John Green's squad?

There's only one problem: Delevingne lost it. "I lost it. I never listened to it," Delevingne told MTV News during a press day ahead of the film's release. To be fair, that totally seems like something Margo Roth Speigelman would do.

"Paper Towns" hits theaters on July 24.