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'Girl Code' Star Carly Aquilino Proves She's Fluent In Baby Talk

See the comedian channel her inner infant!

Carly Aquilino may be in her early twenties, but her latest imitation effort has us thinking that we need to see her DOB to make sure she isn't actually an infant.

The white-haired comedian -- who can be seen on "Girl Code" as well as the upcoming series "Girl Code Live," which is premiering on August 31 at 10:30/9:30c -- just showed off a pretty hysterical talent: acting like, and speaking like, she's a baby. And fortunately, Carl's pal -- and fellow MTV cast member -- Nessa captured the spot-on imitation of the Big Apple native making her very own "Look Who's Talking" moment (Mikey memories!).

"My Baby @carlyaquilino is not happy," N added along with the Instagram video above of the two taking a NYC ride. "We are going to get her checkups done. Baby got to go."

And C has certainly nailed those younger-year attributes: giving her "car seat" a special shout-out, having a whiny moment and, of course, not having the ability to properly answer some questions. WE JUST LOVE.

Oh, and there's more of this hysterical babble:

Watch the ladies' silliness ensue, then be sure to catch the duo on "GC" this Monday night at 11/10c and during brand-new episodes of "GCL"!