26 Of Carly Aquilino's Best Text Messages...With Her Parents

Get ready to LOL: The next episode of 'Girl Code' features the very same subject.

It's a pretty simple feat to have a humorous conversation in person or on the phone, but it's always far more entertaining to express your thoughts via text messages. But the real icing on the cake? Communicating with your parents on your cellular device. And this style of quick chat is something that the "Girl Code" crew knows all too well -- especially Carly Aquilino.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode of "GC," above, the white-haired New Yorker and her fellow comedians read aloud some of their most hysterical exchanges with their fine folks. From Awkwafina's nonsensical memo regarding Jay Z to Jamie Lee's dad being an "expert on s**t", these guardians (plus a special cameo from Annie Lederman's moms and pops!) are most definitely bringing the LOLS.

In honor of next week's latest amusing installment, we rounded up Carl's very amusing commentary with mama and papa A. Without further ado, here are 26 times the Aquilinos were simply silly on their teles:

  1. Some confusion about a big question
  2. When the daughter gets blamed for some weird signage
  3. A historic photograph of the 'rents...
  4. ...but Dad isn't too pleased about it
  5. A very special sweet meal
  6. When M and D come to visit and there's no food to consume
  7. Confusion about #DressGate
  8. Taking care of bizness
  9. Spending QT with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
  10. 'Walking Dead' burning questions
  11. The Aquilinos before moving day
  12. Super excited about a certain singing show
  13. Showing off the chompers
  14. We'll let C's caption take care of this one: 'Both of my parents need to be taken to a mental institution'
  15. Checking in on the dogsitter
  16. Complete confusion -- and an amazing Leonardo DiCaprio 'Wolf of Wall Street' comparison
  17. "Not getting u a bike"
  18. The pup is NOT allowed on the furniture...
  19. Happy Halloween!
  20. It's a whole new world when emojis are involved
  21. Confusion about the store and the purple dino -- and then a lot of thoughts about this shoe purchase
  22. Tips for taking NOLA
  23. Uh-oh, someone saw the bills...
  24. A girl has to eat
  25. Telling Twitter about Netflix
  26. Absolutely NO Xanax with alcohol

+ What's your best text exchange with your parents? Share your experiences in the comments, and be sure to catch the family-focused episode of "Girl Code" on Monday at 11:30/10:30c!