Who Should Play OG Wasp In 'Ant-Man 2'? Here's 7 Big Options

It's about time.

Spoiler alert for "Ant-Man!"

Last weekend, "Ant-Man" pulled the rug out from under us in the best way possible. Not only did the movie end with Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) getting her own super suit to become the Wasp, one of Marvel's most beloved comic-book characters, but we also learned that there's a chance her mother -- the original Wasp, Janet -- could possibly return from the quantum realm just like Scott Lang did.

But now that the dust is settled and we know there's hope for Janet Van Dyne, who should actually get to play the character who was once a founding member of the Avengers? Should she be older to match Michael Douglas's age? Should she be younger, because she's been stuck outside of time and space for thirty years?

We're not sure, but if Marvel is looking to get someone onboard for a possible "Ant-Man" sequel, then we've got some suggestions:

  1. Catherine Zeta Jones

    When speaking to MTV UK, Michael Douglas offered up his own real-life wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, as a possible Janet to his Hank Pym.

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer

    But forget about what Hank thinks -- who does Hope herself want to play her mom? Evangeline Lilly told MTV News that she'd want her mom to be someone who already has some comic book hero experience -- namely, Catwoman herself. And she told the entire cast and crew of "Ant-Man" about her idea too.

  3. Jamie Lee Curtis
    Getty Images

    Most of you probably know Curtis as the lady from the Activia yogurt commercials (or, more recently, the most amazing incognito "Street Fighter" cosplayer of all time), but she's had a ridiculously awesome career full of slasher flicks and witty comedies. She might be poised to make a comeback in "Scream Queens," but we think she should be setting her sights higher -- like, Marvel higher.

  4. Marisa Tomei
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    Admit it, you have a much easier time picturing Tomei winning arguments with Hank Pym and kicking ass as Janet Van Dyne than you do picturing her gently guiding a teenage Peter Parker though the perils of high school as Aunt May Parker. You're welcome.

  5. Ginnifer Goodwin
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    Okay, yes, she's young -- but if, as Michael Douglas has suggested, we ever follow her and Hank Pym's exploits in an awesome flashback, her spunky attitude would make her a perfect past Janet. Just imagine her teaming up with Peggy Carter to take down bad guys! Plus, she does have experience playing a mom who's the same age as her daughter, if it ever comes to that. Thanks, "Once Upon A Time!"

  6. Jane Seymour
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    She's played Bond girls, queens, and even Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Odds are that she is totally up for this challenge.

  7. Anne Hathaway
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    Another good pick for a younger Jan? Anne, who can rock Janet's iconic pixie cut like she was born to wear it, and has plenty of range between being perky, fun, fashion-conscious (the original Wasp was a designer!) and being serious about superheros. For real, she could kick total butt. Hey, why not get her as young Wasp, Michelle Pfeiffer as old Wasp, and close the Catwoman circle? Make it happen, Marvel.