The Cast Of 'Paper Towns' Was Perfection At The Premiere: See The Pics

You will go to the paper towns and you will look totally amazing.

It's a good thing that "Paper Towns" is just a figure of speech, because the red-carpet fashion at last night's premiere of the movie was blazing in a manner that would set an actual town made of paper on fire.

Stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, along with Justice Smith, Jaz Sinclair, Halston Sage, and Austin Abrams all brought it with serious style -- and John Green, author of the source material, did a very passable fashion impersonation of Robert Downey, Jr.

See the best pics of the cast and their famous friends below.

  • We've said it once already, but: Cara Delevingne's dress. MEOW.
  • Nat Wolff always looks pensive when he's alone.
  • Austin Abrams went for a serious look, but his tie still wants to play peekaboo.
  • Raven Symone popped by in a pair of shades, just to say hi.
  • Jaz Sinclair is new to the Hollywood scene, but her step-and-repeat hip pop is already perfect. WERK.
  • And Halston Sage went full-on old Hollywood glam for her big night out.
  • Meanwhile, there was lots of love on this carpet. Here's John Green, hugging it out with his wife.
  • And Justice Smith, hugging it out with his family.
  • Here's Nat and Alex Wolff, a band of brothers.
  • "Did someone say brothers?" (Drew and Jonathan Scott probably said, as they materialized on the red carpet like a pair of summoned spirits.)
  • Nat and Cara got found together, one more time.
  • The major players assembled: writer, director, stars.
  • And then it was supermodel selfie time, because when Karlie Kloss shows up, that's what you do.