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Could The Rock Be Featured On 5SOS’ Album? If They Get Their Way He Will

Plus 13 other things we learned from their Twitter takeover.

Think you know everything about 5SOS?

Well, think again. The guys took over iHeartRadio's Twitter page to do a Q&A with their fans and talked all about life on tour, their brand-new single "She's Kinda Hot" and who they would love to have featured on their album.

Here are 14 things we learned about Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton.

  1. Who They Would Feature On Their Album...
  2. That's It's Time For A Revolution
  3. And Their New Single Kicks It Off
  4. "She's Kinda Hot" Was Semi-Charmed Inspired
  5. In Terms of Cleanliness, The Dudes Are...
  6. Ashton's Not Ready To Adopt You
  7. Luke's Been Working On His Fitness
  8. You Better Hold The Bread
  9. Life Is CRAZY
  10. They're Way Into "Ciao, bella!"
  11. Only Black, No Blue
  12. The Best Chef Is...

  13. Their Sound Is Evolving
  14. They're Keeping It A Foursome